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Welcome to Ultra Electronics, Special Operations Technology (SOTECH). We were founded in January 2000 and are a proud member of Ultra Electronics as a dynamic, rapidly growing information technology and sensor management company. SOTECH delivers "actionable information" for law enforcement, government, defense and commercial applications in a modern high risk global environment.

We are in a new class of solution providers as "Mission Integrators". Our professionals develop tailored solutions which monitor activities, communications, and behaviors allowing customers to act upon any perceived threat to protect people and infrastructure. We are a company that delivers innovative, integrated, COTS-based mission-oriented solutions and services. SOTECH provides best-of-breed integrated communication analysis and physical security solutions tailored to specific customer needs. As a Mission Integrator we work with our customers as a partner in achieving mission success, not simply satisfying program requirements.

SOTECH is comprised of a professional family of exceptionally motivated and qualified system engineers, computer scientists, instructors, operations specialists and support staff. Our people bring with them decades of experience and are uniquely qualified to solve problems for customers in today‘s rapidly changing and high risk environment. SOTECH is built on solid academic credentials and continuing specialized training. We have a track record of success supporting providers of public safety, law enforcement, and global counter-terrorism and counter-narcotic missions addressing the complex intersection of crime and terror.

SOTECH has well documented, mission proven global experience, operating in difficult political, geographic and high threat environments. We offer solutions and services tailored for the host country laws and infrastructure. This includes services provided throughout deployments, operation and maintenance of fielded systems, operator training, the management of network operations and emergency management centers.

We are professional mission integrators utilizing:

  •  Voice Print Analysis
  •  Integrated Surveillance
  •  End-to-End Communication Analysis
  •  Custom Security Solutions